Cafe Terraza: Affordable Coffee at the heart of Carcar City

In a previous post about my Carcar escapade with friends Jala and Rady, (see The Hidden Taste of Carcar’s 1878) we decided to go food tripping at the Shoe Capital of Cebu instead of trekking and visiting waterfalls due to the weather condition. Right after we ate at the 1878 Restaurant, we went back to Carcar City proper to visit a rooftop cafe we heard of from our friends called Cafe Terraza.

Cafe Terraza is easy to locate, given that it’s just around the corner along Carcar’s famous rotunda. It is located at the 3rd floor of RRG Bldg, Barili Road of Poblacion 1, Carcar City. You can easily identify the building since it is painted yellow, and just right across the public market, with the first floor being occupied by 7Eleven.


The Coffee and Drinks

Since the cafe is located at the heart of Carcar City, we expected their prices to be moderately expensive. To our surprise, their coffees and frappes only costs at an average of 60-100 per drink!

Matcha Coffee Latte, Iced White Mocha, and Iced Americano

(From left to right) Rady ordered Coffee Latte for 80 pesos with a shot of Matcha for an additional charge of 30 pesos. I ordered Iced White Mocha Frappe for 110 pesos and Jala ordered his go-to drink in coffee shops, the Iced Americano for only 65 pesos. Based from the drinks we tasted, we all agreed that they can most probably compete with Cebu City’s famous coffee shops – but with a cheaper price!

Everyone enjoyed sipping our blended coffees while overlooking the busy rotunda at 3:00 in the afternoon.


The Place

For an order of less than 150 pesos, I get to relax and enjoy my view in this quiet place despite being near public markets, restaurants, and vehicles along the rotunda.


A view of the rotunda from the cafe

Cafe Terraza is open from 8:30 AM to 1:30 AM. For inquiries you may visit their Facebook page: Cafe Terraza


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