The Hidden Taste of Carcar’s 1878

Just a week after classes ended, my friends, Rady (@radysetgo), Jala and I wanted a break from all the stress we went through for the entire finals week. We found ourselves hopping onto the next bus trip to the South of Cebu, hoping we’d actually find answers on where we really want to go. Yup, none of us is sure about where to go. Thankfully (or not really), the weather did the job for us. It was a rainy day, so we can’t really go trekking or visit waterfalls since it can be dangerous and our outfits weren’t ready for all the mud.

Just somewhere near San Fernando, we decided to visit a restaurant our friend told us about. It’s called the 1878 Restaurant in Carcar City. At first I wasn’t paying attention to their discussion but what caught me was when they said the restaurant’s chef used to work at Chinese Dim sum restaurants in the city including the famous Ding Qua Qua and Harbour City. I have always been a fan of these restaurants so I got excited and decided to give 1878 restaurant a try!

How To Get There

It’s easy. Ride a bus to Carcar from the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Fare is about 40 pesos. When you reach Carcar Market, approach a trisikad, tricycle or a habal-habal and negotiate a price for them to bring you to 1878 Restaurant at San Jose Street, Poblacion I. We rode a trisikad going there which cost us only 7 pesos each. When you get there, you’ll see a green wooden gate beside what seems like an ancestral house. That’s it.

The Food

IMG_1956 copy

1878 Restaurant’s Shang Hai rolls, Pancit Canton, and Chopsuey are the best sellers and ofcourse paired with their Steamed Rice for only 35 pesos! We added the Cordon Bleu which is also equally as tasty.

IMG_1961 copy

I was amazed by how their Pork Steamed Rice tasted just like Harbour City’s – minus the green peas. I was never a fan of green peas so it really didn’t make a big difference. For a 35-peso meal, there was no hint of extenders or the use of cheaper ingredients as an alternative. Same goes for their best sellers, the shang hai roll was full of meat, the pancit canton and chopsuey had a lot of meat slices with it too. Amazing!

The Place

The ambience make you feel like you’re dining in the 1980s.
My companions for this food trip: Jala and Rady.


For a very affordable price, peaceful and old school ambience, the entire meal is worth more than what you pay for!

For reservations you can contact them at (032) 487 7145 or visit their Facebook page: 1878


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